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Our Process

How We Do Things

Our goal is to provide the financial advice you need to live comfortably and realize your vision for the future. Having also been in the business of financial services for nearly 15 years, we are in no hurry for you to make a decision. There is never any pressure to say yes.

Here are the steps you can expect when you work with us:

Initial Phone Call

To start, we’ll hop on the phone for an introductory conversation, where we’ll discuss your financial situation and what's going on in your life. This will help us determine how we can best serve you.

In-Person or Virtual Meeting

Next, we’ll invite you to the office or a web conference to talk more about your needs, goals and concerns. Before you visit, we’ll request that you provide any relevant financial documents and answers to any outstanding questions we had during our initial phone call. Once we have this information, we can begin our in-depth review. Based on your specific situation and needs, we can engage in a written financial planning agreement.

Analysis & Evaluation

During our review, we’ll answer questions such as is your retirement plan attainable and can your investment allocation be improved. We’ll take a look at both your past and current financial state to compile our recommendations and create a new strategy for your finances and retirement.

Follow-Up Meeting

After we’ve completed our analysis, we’ll schedule a follow-up meeting where we’ll explain our findings and the rationale behind our recommendations so you have a clear understanding of how we can help you. Then, you’ll have a chance to review our action items and decide if you want to proceed with our services.


To begin implementing your plan, we’ll have you sign some paperwork. Throughout this process, we will continuously monitor your progress towards reaching your goals and make any necessary adjustments as your life — as well as your family’s — evolves.


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