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Series I Savings Bonds Thumbnail

Series I Savings Bonds

Posted by John Posey

If you have savings and cash yielding low interest as many do, you might consider Series I savings bonds right about now. They can be a good alternative to bank savings and money markets. Series I savings bonds can only be purchased directly from the US Treasury at www.treasurydirect.gov and the initial interest rate on new Series I savings bonds is 9.62% as of May 2022 through October 2022.

Here are a few quick facts:

  • Minimum purchase bond = $25; maximum purchase per calendar year = $10,000 online through TreasuryDirect
  • Minimum term of ownership = 1 year
  • Interest-earning period = 30 years or until cashed, whichever comes first
  • Early redemption:
    • Before 5 years, forfeit interest from the previous 3 months
    • After 5 years, no penalty
  • I bond interest rate is determined by two separate rates:
    • A fixed rate of return, which remains the same throughout the life of the I bond
    • A variable semiannual inflation rate based on changes in the Consumer Price Index for all Urban Consumers (CPI-U)

For more information on Series I bonds visit TreasuryDirect.gov.  You can start the account opening process here, https://www.treasurydirect.gov/RS/UN-AccountCreate.do. Series I savings bonds are a compelling cash savings alternative particularly given the possibility of inflation going forward. Keep in mind that the total/composite interest rate is subject to change twice a year (May & November) so you will want to check in on it periodically to make sure you can’t do better on your cash elsewhere as interest rates evolve.

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